roach control

  • What are cockroaches?

There are over 4,000 different varieties of cockroaches, but only about thirty of them can comfortably live with humans. This number can be further reduced to include only four varieties that cause problems in homes and businesses in the US and they are the

  • American

  • German

  • Asian

  • Oriental

Food, water and warm shelter will attract cockroaches.  Areas that are high in humidity such as basements and boiler rooms and even sewers are especially attractive to cockroaches. The presence of cockroaches can lead to a definite impression of uncleanness- especially if your guests see them. The truth is that it is not necessarily uncleanliness that will produce a cockroach manifestation. However, uncleanliness will cause it to be much more difficult to get rid of them.

  • Are they dangerous?Roach Control

The presence of cockroaches can lead to health problems – including asthma in children.

  • How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Once there is a cockroach infestation, it can be very hard to get rid of them. Cockroaches multiply very quickly, and they also adapt quickly, too. At Raifsnider's we are ready to evaluate your cockroach problem and provide you with a free estimate.

  • How soon can you get here?

At Raifsnider's we take all pest problems seriously and are committed to helping you as soon as possible.  In most cases we can respond the same or very next day.

  • How can I prevent this in the future?

Preventing a cockroach problem can be difficult.
  Contacting us at the first sign of a roach infestation is the best way to keep your home and family protected from cockroaches.

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